EasySun Pump-POOL

The EasySun Pump Pool system is the complete solution for direct power supply with soar energy from water pumps used in pool filtering systems, directly operating without batteries. It is the definitive solution for the whole year.

The EasySun Pump Pool system includes solutions for pool filtering pumps from 40 m3 to 2,350 m3 with the following advantages:

  1. Zero energy costs: direct connection without batters, providing a quick return on the investment.
  2. A longer lifespan of the traditional filtering system motors when operating with a drive without start-up jolts.
  3. Silent, efficient and completely automatic operation
  4. Modular design that makes it possible to adjust the size of the system of each pool.
  5. Few different pieces that allows for simple and economic maintenance.
  6. Quick and simple installation: direct replacement for existing pool pumps.
  7. Use of high-quality anti-rust materials throughout the pump.
  8. Operation with direct solar energy: it does not need to be connected to the grid and works completely independently.
  9. Constant surveillance technology from Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) to maximise the power of the PV modules.