Atersa, the leading company in photovoltaic services, with extensive experience in manufacturing components and assembling installations, offers a line of services that cover all the required aspects, including after-sale attention services. The Atersa technical assistance service offers support, consulting, maintenance and repair services. These services offer reassurance and investment guarantees. On our list of service products, you will find the support that meets your needs. You can also download the Maintenance catalogue here.

Installation projects

With all of our accumulated experience, we perform and endorse your photovoltaic plant project in order to guarantee the optimum performance of the investment made.

Installation dimensioning

Thanks to our experience, we perform project management and supervise the project of your photovoltaic plant in order to guarantee the optimum performance of the investment made.


Atersa carries out a complete and optimum maintenance of its installation to thus maximise the production of the plants. This way, we are not only able to lengthen the lifespan of our installation but we also prevent then from reducing their profitability. Corrective and preventive maintenance of equipment. Monitoring. Quality inspection, technical audits and reports. Revision of the modules and other parts of the plant by means of high-resolution thermal diffusivity cameras to prevent breakdowns.

Operation and maintenance

Global management of the plant in accordance with the requirements. Contact the Commercial Department for possible offers.

Guarantee extension

Atersa offers extensions on the guarantee of up to 5 years for its grid-connected equipment so that you can benefit from greater confidence in your investment.

Equipment repair

Before any eventuality in the operation of the equipment, Atersa has personnel specialized in repair workshops to guarantee a quick and reliable solution.


With the monitoring of its installation, you will be able to enjoy the peace of mind that your plant is correctly operating without having to go there to check. Atersa has different monitoring services. Please see our catalogue.

Technician assisted monitoring

So that you do not worry about the correct operation of your plant, a technician will do so for you. This way, and from any location, you will be notified of any failure. Hire the technician assisted monitoring and leave your worries behind. See our specialised catalogue.

Direct access to the monitoring from our web

You will be able to see how your installation is at any time. You have direct access through the website Enter your username, password and follow the instructions. It is quick, easy and can be consulted from anywhere in the world.

FAQs on the website

For a complete selection of technical questions and answers, see our section: FAQs.

Training and Seminars

Years of experience have led us to prepare a detailed training programme through courses and seminars. If you have any doubts, Atersa will assist you on the one best suited for your needs. Come participate, you will increase your knowledge on photovoltaic technology, establish interesting commercial relationships and get the maximum performance from your installation, among many other advantages.

Technical DOCs Download

See our manual section under downloads.

On-site assistance

We have a technical assistance service with the option of going to the site so that your problems are solved on-site. Contact our Technical Assistance Department for any problem, availability and rates.

Technical telephone assistance

This service was created to help you resolve any difficulty that may arise. We are at your disposal Monday to Friday during office hours.

Contact us at +34 961 038 002


Atersa reviews the modules and other parts of the plant by means of high-resolution thermal diffusivity cameras to prevent breakdowns and maximise their performance. You can request an inspection of your plant through this method to resolve problems or prevent future problems.

Technical reports

Through the technical reports, Atersa: detects, analyses and provides the appropriate technical solutions for the correct operation of the installation.

Energy audits

Atersa performs a study and takes measurements of its installation from the production and performance viewpoints, detecting if there are possible deficiencies and providing the appropriate technical solutions for the optimum operation of the installation.


Atersa offers a review and start-up service of the solar plants. The review revises the entire field of panels and the installed inverters. This way, the problems occurring in the first few days of the installation are reduced, increasing the guarantee of a successful start-up, saving time and money, which results in greater benefits from day one.

Engineering and construction

Technical advice on all the aspects of its personalised PV plant and aimed at promoters, "turnkey" installers and other market agents. Specifically emphasising:

  • Technical advise for promoters and "specialists"
  • Advise on and review of the EPC contracts, tests and acceptance certifications, etc.
  • Quality and energy audits of its plant or PV installation during the project, construction and/or start-up phases.