Self-Consumption: perfect modular system to save energy

What is grid-connected self-consumption?

When one or several properly calculated photovoltaic systems are installed and the electrical production of these systems coincides with the consumptions of your house, business or industry, this energy is not bought from the electricity distributor. This action saves energy by producing it yourself, which is called SELF-CONSUMPTION.

Self-consumption advantages:

  • Important savings on the monthly electricity bill.
  • Generates your own clean energy.
  • Does not pollute, it uses renewable and clean energy that the sun provides us with every day.
  • The energy is produced where it is consumed, avoiding the classic losses incurred in electricity transmission lines.
  • Prevent CO2 emissions that are greatly harming our planet.
  • It is a modular system, so it can easily be increased when you need it to be.
  • A modular system with quality products.

Grid-connected self-consumption systems are made up of the main following elements:

  • Photovoltaic modules
  • Grid-connected inverters or micro-inverters
  • Two-way metre (if excess is sold)
  • "Zero Injection" smart control that allows for the regulation and dynamic control of the power supplied by one or several inverters, in accordance with the internal consumption data of the customer. (in the event of Zero Injection)

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