Atersa MPPT regulator-tracker

The MPPT regulators make it possible to extract the maximum power from the modules, making them always operate at their maximum power point (MPPT). In addition to using the classic isolated models (12/24), these devices make it possible to use standard modules designed for grid-connection in isolated systems, which implies an economic savings.

There are two models: MPPT-50C regulator-tracker and MPPT-80C regulator-tracker


  • Included MPPT (maximum power point tracker), battery charge handling, information on the SOC charge status.
  • Lead acid, gel and AGM battery supply.
  • The PV modules can be connected in series up to a maximum of 140 VOC. This allows for the use of the grid-connected modules.
  • Simple connection in parallel up to 16 units for high currents.
  • Precise charge of 12 V/24 V/36 V/48 V batteries with easy configuration.
  • Integrated temperature compensation function for a safe and complete charge.