Leo 20

The Leo 20 regulators and control system provides an optimum control and management of the accumulator charge in its solar photovoltaic system, protecting all the elements of its installation.

The design of this series of regulators responds to a small and medium power system, in which no additional instrumentation is necessary. It intends to implement a completely digital regulation system that is reliable, flexible and of very low consumption.

The Leo20 regulators implement an intelligent algorithm that allows the regular to integrate its regulation tasks and load management into the optimised system. The Leo regulators electronically perform the maintenance tasks of the accumulators automatically, lengthening its lifespan.

The Leo20 regulator arrives configured and factory calibrated. It is ready to operate from arrival, it just needs to be connected.

The family of Leo20 regulators makes it possible to connect them together to increase the capacity of the charge at a rate of 50 A per device, up to a total of 400 A, forming a master and up to 7 slaves.