Energy solutions for remote areas, remote and self-sufficient energy supply, i.e., independent of the public electricity supply grid, is ideal for regions where there is no connection to a public energy supply or that, due to the high urbanisation costs for the construction of an electricity distribution grid, it is not even planned, especially in remote rural areas.

With the MINI-GRID system, we supply the electricity required to these areas, providing independent houses, streetlights, water pumps or entire rural municipalities through a local electricity grid, isolated and independent of the National Public Electricity Grids.

The different elements that make up the MINI-GRID system are:

  • Photovoltaic generator
  • Grid-connected inverter
  • Stand-alone Inverter/Charger
  • Batteries
  • Diesel engine (optional)

The proposed scheme consists of a grid connection through a photovoltaic generator and grid-connected inverter, with the possibility of two-way battery and diesel engine support by using an inverter/charger. When there are surpluses of the system's electricity, the batteries are charged (inverter/charger as a charger). If there is not enough capacity to supply the grid's demand with the photovoltaic generator, the previously stored battery charge (inverter/charger as inverter) will be used. Lastly, it may be necessary to start-up the diesel motor, especially during months of low radiation. This, through the inverter/charger will supply the grid's demand and charge the battery at the same time.

It is recommended to request information from our Commercial Department.

Several examples of ATERSA MINI-GRID systems

MINI-GRID system at Fô Bouré, Benin

The installation is made up of a 400 V three-phase MINI-GRID system, 3x 6 kW single-phase isolated inverters, 3x 12 kW three-phase grid connection inverters and a support generator set.

MINI-GRID system - El Totoral Photovoltaic Solar Pump in Chile

Atersa has designed and installed the 400 V 31.3 kWp three-phase mini-grid system, made up of 108 ULTRA A-290P modules, 6x 4.6 kW single-phase isolated inverters and 2x 15 kW three-phase grid-connected inverters, which will supply energy through one side to the potable water system (extraction pump, reverse osmosis system, supply and chlorination tank pump) and to an energy distribution network to bring light to 43 houses in the town, as well as to other public buildings.

MINI-GRID centre for the new police academy in Yamena, the capital of Chad

This MINI-GRID centre is made up of 500 ULTRA A-300P Atersa modules, 12x 4174 Ah batteries, 15x 6 kW isolated inverters and 6x 25 kW grid-connected inverters.