Integrated Management Policy.

Environmental management, quality and prevention of occupational risks

Atersa goals

  • The full satisfaction of our customers.
  • A leadership position in the sector.
  • The protection of the health and safety of our workers and of how many people enter into contract with the organisation.
  • The development and well-being of our staff.
  • The improvement of productivity and competitiveness.
  • The promotion of innovation and sustainable development.
  • The prevention of pollution and the favourable impact of our activities on local communities.
  • To adopt improvement as a strategic value and a way of managing the company, providing both human and material resources.

Atersa commitments

  • The implementation and consolidation of an integrated environmental management system, quality and prevention of occupational risks, appropriate for the nature and magnitude of our organisation.
  • To comply with the current applicable legislation and other regulatory requirements to which the organisation subscribes, regarding environmental aspects, product safety in terms of quality and the prevention of occupational risks.
  • To prevent health damages or impairment and to promote continuous improvement and the management performance of occupational health and safety in order to increase the level of health and safety protection. This includes all the personnel of the company as responsible for prevention management, as well as contractors and collaborators in the active commitment to improvement.
  • To frequently review, communicate and publicise the current policy so that it is always pertinent and suitable to the organisation. To involve all of its members and to be available to the interested parties and public.

Atersa duties

The environmental management, quality and prevention of occupational risks is the responsibility of each and every person at this organisation, so they must therefore include it in any activity they perform, considering the basic duties to be the following:

  • Perform their jobs in accordance with the rules, instructions and procedures established by the company.
  • Correctly use the individual and collective protection equipment provided by the company. And appropriately use the equipment or tools used to perform their work.
  • Encourage the participation, information, training and consultation of all personnel, including temporary and external workers who perform works on the installations to maintain a suitable level of prevention at the company.
  • Refrain from carrying out activities that pose a serious, imminent risk, and report such activities immediately to line managers, so that the latter can determine any needed risk mitigation measures.
  • Promote the systematic generation of innovative ideas within the company and support them.

The integrated management system will provide the information and communication channels appropriate so that these objectives and goals are known, shared and met by all the workers at the company.

Management's support is necessary to achieve all of the above agreed upon in this Integrated Management Policy.