The Spanish Photovoltaic Union (UNEF), a private, non-profit association whose main goal is to provide, acclaim and develop the photovoltaic sector. UNEF represents and defends the interests of the photovoltaic sector against:
  • National institutions: Spanish Government, Ministries, the Spanish Energy Commission, among others
  • Operators and companies of the electricity sector
  • Associations and social agents
  • European institutions
  • Social agents
Member of the Electrical Technology Institute (ITE), a private, non-profit association at the national level that directs its services, products and technological projects to national and international public companies and bodies belonging to the energy, electricity and community sectors.
Trustee of Energy without Borders, an independent organisation whose mission is to extend and provide access to energy services and potable water, on an ongoing basis, to people who still do not have these, to those difficult conditions or to those who have them through primitive and improper means.